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1Kozyrev ES, 2Kozhukhov ОМ, 1Sybiryakova Ye.S. Method for automatic scheduling for LEO object's observations at fixed telescope. Space Science and Technology. 2017 ;23(4):71-77.
1Zemlyany KM, 1Reva VS, 1Frolov VP, 2Bezruchko KV. Method of determination of types and parameters of the electric energy storage system during its operation in autonomous power supply system of mobile space launch complex. Space Science and Technology. 2017 ;23(5):25-32.
1Masley VN, 2Kulyk AS. Methods of manufacturing the products from composite materials. Space Science and Technology. 2017 ;23(5):44-48.
1Kalyta PYa. Modern management systems — to the modern space industry. Space Science and Technology. 2017 ;23(4):61-70.
1Pap VO, 1Hlushchenko Yu.M. Modernization of the mechanical system of the TPL-1 telescope of the Laser Ranging Station “GOLOSIIV-KYIV”. Space Science and Technology. 2017 ;23(5):62-65.
1Kazantsev AM, 1Kazantseva LV. A non-gravitational effect and spin orientation of main belt kilometer-sized asteroids. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2017 ;23(3):42-46.
1Timoshenko VI, 1Galinskiy VP. Numerical simulation of a supersonic flow around finned boost vehicles. Space Science and Technology. 2017 ;23(5):33-43.
1Timoshenko VI, 1Deshko HYe. Numerical simulation of efflux of a supersonic multicomponent chemical reacting rocket engine jet. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2017 ;23(6):03-11.
1Pylypenko OV, 2Prokopchuk AA, 1Dolgopolov SI, 2Pisarenko VYu., 2Kovalenko VN, 1Nikolaev AD, 1Khoryak NV. Pequliarities of mathematical modeling of low-frequency dynamics of the staged liquid rocket sustainer engines at its startup. Space Science and Technology. 2017 ;23(5):03-13.
1Kablak NI, 2Kaliuzhnyi MP, 2Shulga AV, 2Vovk VS. Practical implementation of detection of spatiotemporal instability of atmosphere in the network of active reference stations UAEUPOS/ ZAKPOS. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2017 ;23(1):54-62.