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1Dudnik OV, 2Prieto M, 1Kurbatov EV, 2Sanchez S, 3Timakova TG, 3Titov KG, 2Parra P. A small-sized device for monitoring of high-energy electrons and nuclei in the outer space. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2012 ;18(6):22–34.
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1Dudnik OV. Investigation of the Earth’s radiation belts in May, 2009, at the low orbit satellite with the STEP-F instrument. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2010 ;16(5):12-28.
1Dudnik OV, 1Kurbatov EV. The study of high energy particles' microbursts nature in the Earth magnetosphere with nanosatellites: a conception of space experiment. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(2):36-42.
1Dudnik OV, 2Lazarev IV, 1Kurbatov EV, 3Kowaliński M, 3Podgorski P, 3Ścisłowski D. Advisability of the axes orientation in p-terphenyl crystal of scintillation detector of the charged particle monitor in ChemiX solar X-ray spectrophotometer. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(3):33-39.
1Dudnik OV, 2Malykhina TV. The computer simulation of deposited energies and stopping ranges of particles in the STEP spectrometer of the "Warning" space project. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2003 ;9(1):015-021.