Ground-based observations for studying anomalous electromagnetic phenomena related to earthquakes

1Kuznietsova, VG, 1Maksymchuk, VYu., 1Horodys'kii, Yu.M, 1Siedova, FI
1Carpathian Branch of the Institute of Geophysics. Subbotin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine , L’viv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 1997, 3 ;(1):34–42
Publication Language: Ukrainian
The physical background of origination of anomalous electromagnetic phenomena related to earthquakes are discussed. We demonstrate that it is possible to recognize anomalies preceding earthquakes on the basis of careful experimental investigations. The main aspects of the methodology of the necessary ground-based electromagnetic monitoring are developed for the search of correlations between ground and cosmic electromagnetic phenomena.
Keywords: Earth ionosphere, earthquake precursor
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