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1Dudnik OV, 2Lazarev IV, 1Kurbatov EV, 3Kowaliński M, 3Podgorski P, 3Ścisłowski D. Advisability of the axes orientation in p-terphenyl crystal of scintillation detector of the charged particle monitor in ChemiX solar X-ray spectrophotometer. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(3):33-39.
1Yankiv-Vitkovska LM, 1Dzhuman BB. Approximation of ionosphere parameters using spherical functions. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(6):74-82.
1Manzoni G, 2Kuzkov V, 3Abele M, 3Vjaters J, 3Treijs A. Bidirectional space to ground laser communication system for cubesat. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(2):47-54.
1Lobanov LM, 1Asnis EA, 1Ternovoj EG, 1Shulym VF, 1Bulactev AR, 1Kryukov VA, 1Likarenko TA. Development of technologies and equipment for orbital welding and repair of pipelines in space. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(4):38-47.
1Rykhlova LV. Earth and the near-space: research, discoveries, and problems. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(4):59-64.
1Malysheva NR, 1Hurova AM, 1Mykhaiskyi AY. Ecological and legal status of a human being in outer space: comparative analysis. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(3):75-82.
1Pozdnyakova NG, 1Pastukhov AO, 1Dudarenko MV, 1Galkin MO, 1Krisanova NV, 1Borisova TA. Enrichment of the inorganic analogue of martian dust with the novel carbon nanoparticles obtained during combustion of carbohydrates and assesment of its meurotoxicity. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(2):60-71.
1Shuvalov VA, 1Kuchugurnyi Yu.P. Experimental substantiation of effectiveness of conception of artificial mini-magnetosphere as a means of spacecraft motion controlling in the Earth ionosphere. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(2):43-46.
1Safronov AV, 1Semon BY, 1Nedilko AN. Mathematical model for estimation of the effect of aerodynamic aircraft control surfaces compensation on the level of their vibrations in case of transonic flutter. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(4):14-23.
1Mykhalchyshyn RV, 1Brezgin MS, 1Lomskyi DA. Methane, kerosene and hydrogen comparative as a rocket fuel for launch vehicle pneumohydraulic supply system development. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2018 ;24(2):12-17.