Some results of the ranging of the ocean surface with the spase-based lidar BALKAN

1Tikhomirov, AA
1Technological Design Institute of Scientific Instrument Engineering, Tomsk, Russia
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 1999, 5 ;(2):22–30
Publication Language: Russian
Some peculiarities in the ranging of the Earth surface with the space-based lidar BALKAN are considered for two modes of the space station «Mir» orientation which were used during measurement experiments in 1995−1996, and some results that were presented earlier are refined. Measurement results are compared with the slant range values obtained from ballistic calculations of the space trajectory. In analysis we use: a priori calculated ballistic data; range values measured in lidar sessions; telemetry reports of the space station «Mir» orientation obtained from its traffic control system. We have analyzed the telemetry reports on the orientation of the space station-fixed coordinate system axes and, consequently, the lidar optical axis direction relative to the basic orbital coordinate system in several measurement sessions. We have also estimated the influence of the lidar optical axis fluctuations on the measurement results. We have explained some possible causes of the discrepancy between the calculated and measured values of the slant range as well as some peculiarities of the measurement results.
Keywords: lidar BALKAN, space station «Mir», telemetry reports
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