Scientific tasks of international space experiment KORONAS-PHOTON

1Dudnik, OV, 2Zalyubovsky, II
1Institute of Radio Astronomy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv, V.N. Karazin National University of Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2V.N. Karazin National University of Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2000, 6 ;(2):03–12
Publication Language: Russian
Description of scientific tasks and goals of the international space experiment KORONAS-PHOTON, third in the KORONAS series, is presented. Description of some instruments in the on-board scientific complex as well as in the ground-based installations for ground support of the satellite experiment is given. Preliminary results of test observations with the help of the installation for the study of high-frequency radio emission of the Earth's magnetosphere are discussed.
Keywords: Earth's magnetosphere, KORONAS-PHOTON, on-board instruments
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