Singularities of vertical ozone distribution before spring antarctic hole

1Belokrinitskaya, LM, 2Galkina, IL, 2Kruchenitsky, GM
1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
2Central Aerological Observatory of Roshydromet, Dolgoprudnyj, Russia
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2004, 10 ;(2-3):045-050
Publication Language: Russian
Based on the data from the IR measuring instrument CRISTA which were obtained during its 1994 and 1997 missions, the Features of the vertical distribution of the ozone mixing ratio immediately prior to and upon the cessation of the springtime Antarctic ozone anomaly (SAOA) are analysed. It is shown the formation of marked minima in the vertical distribution of ozone mixing ratio which was observed only during the SAOA period over the territories affected by it begins no less than three weeks prior to the SAOA period at much higher altitudes than during the SAOA and essentially throughout the extratropical territory of the Southern Hemisphere. As the formation of the minima mentioned above affects largely the polar night's area as well, it is clear that their occurrence cannot be accounted for by the theory of freon-based SAOA formation. The minima formation is found to take place within remote altitude ranges and to be closely connected with character of ordered atmospheric motions.
Keywords: CRISTA, ozon, spring antarctic hole
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