Some peculiarities of the technological and production implementation of space-rocket complex for machine-building development

1Gorbulin, VP, 2Shevtsov, AI, 3Shekhovtsov, VS
1National Institute for Strategic Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine; National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2Regional Branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
3Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2013, 19 ;(4):03–07
Publication Language: Ukrainian

One of important directions of activity of ракетнокосмічної industry there is application of her technological and productive base in interests of development of machine-building complex of country. Thus a spectrum of possible directions of such application potentially is wide enough - from the use of own developments of space-rocket industry (of space vehicles of the different having a special purpose setting to the use of present project, technological and productive base for creation of civil high-quality products of machine-building profile and development of new technologies, materials, equipment, pilot options and technical systems. The aim of the article is consideration of modern наробок in this sphere, determination of problem questions and directions their decision.

Keywords: technological and production base of space-rocket complex