An analysis of physical and technological aspects of air-based hyperspectrometer aviris of the first generation

1Donets, VV
1Corporation «Research and Production Enterprise «Arsenal», Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2013, 19 ;(4):17–28
Publication Language: Russian

We considered some design features and characteristics of on-board air-based 1st generation hyperspectrometer AVIRIS for spectrometric remote sensing of the Earth’s surface and for hyperspectrometer satellite data validation. Physical and technological aspects of the elaboration and use of the hyperspectrometer were analysed. The technological advances realized and approved in the case of the hyperspectrometer were used for the space-based hyperspectrometers SISEX (1990) and HIRIS (1994), for the civil-based hyperspectrometer HYPERION, army-based hyperspecyrometer ARTEMIS, compact instruments M3 and CRISM for remote sensing of the Moon’s and Mars’ surface, and for the aviation-based AVIRIS hyperspectrometer of new generation, AVIRISng.

Keywords: air-based hyperspectrometer AVIRIS, remote sensing, validation
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