High accuracy stabilization system of launch vehicle with asymmetric configuration when one engine failure is possible

1Aizenberg, Ya.E, 2Bataev, VA, 2Kuzmin, AI
1Public Joint Stock Company «HARTRON», Kharkiv, Ukraine
2LTD RPI (Research and Production Enterprise) HARTRON-ARKOS, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 1998, 4 ;(1):64–67
Publication Language: Russian
We describe the formation of control signals for the launch vehicle (LV) «Energiya» second stage for which aerodynamic forces and moments can be ignored. The task control signal formation arose for the first time when elaborating a dynamically complicated the stabilization system of the essentially asymmetric LV «Energiya». A linear transformation which splits the system of three interconnected moment equations into three separate equations was found. It is proved in the paper that a combined control is necessary for a LV of «Energiya» type. This control includes open-loop control for sys­tematic disturbances, which are 97 % of the total disturbances, and closed-loop control for random disturbances.
Keywords: disturbances, LV «Energiya», spacecraft control
1. Gantmacher F. R. Theory of Matrices, 575 p. (Nauka, Moscow, 1967) in Russian).