The present state and development trends of the remote sensing of the Earth

1Zubko, VP, 1Is'kov, PYa., 2Podoliukh, IYa., 1Stefanyshyn, Ya.I
1State Space Agency of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2Limited Scientific and Technical Center "Kosmoznimok", Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 1998, 4 ;(5):67–87
Publication Language: Ukrainian
We discuss some general problems in the remote sensing of the Earth - a major present-day space technology. Various space systems, operational at present as well as scheduled to be launched, designed for obtaining information about the Earth in different spectral regions are reviewed. Main features of the Sich space system for Earth observation are given, and ways for the system development are proposed.
Keywords: remote sensing of the Earth, Sich, space systems
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