The effects of DL-threots-benzyloxy-aspartate (DL-TBOA) on the synaptosomal glutamate release in media low in [Na+ ] under artificial gravity

1Borisova, TA, 1Krisanova, NV, 2Himmelreich, NH
1Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2O.V. Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2006, 12 ;(1):090-093
Publication Language: Russian
L-glutamate release from cytosolic pool of brain synaptosomes after exposure of rats to artificial gravity loading was investigated using the inhibitor of glutamate transport as a tool. The nontransportable competitive inhibitor DL-threo-beta-benzylo-xyaspartate (DL-TBOA) was demonstrated to become more potent in Na and NMDG-supplemented media under centrifuge-induced hypergravity. We showed that DL-TBOA inhibited L-[14 C] glutamate release effectively in NMDG-supplemented media in comparison with Na+ -supplemented one.
Keywords: artificial gravity, brain, rats
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