Three-mirror anastigmatic quasi-orthoscopic lens with the off-axis field of view

1Tuccari, G, 2Lykholit, NI
1Institute for Radio Astronomy, Noto, Italy
2Special Device Production State Enterprise “Arsenal”, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2015, 21 ;(2):27–33
Publication Language: Russian

We present the results of the research of design features of three-mirror anastigmatic lens with the off-axis field of view without shielding with corrected distortion. Formulas for calculating the radii of mirrors for specified values of lens focal length and distance between mirrors are given, and the dependence of conic constants of mirrors and lens focal number on distances between mirrors is demonstrated

Keywords: corrected distortion, distances between mirrors, radiuses of mirrors, three-mirror anastigmatic lens

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