Advanced stabilization system algorithms of launch vehicle's first stage with attack and sliding angles control

1Kalnoguz, AN, 1Tykhovskiy, VM, 1Bataev, VA, 1Pilguy, VN, 1Rymin, MN
1LTD RPI (Research and Production Enterprise) HARTRON-ARKOS, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2009, 15 ;(4):72-78
Publication Language: Russian
The work for improvement of the basic characteristics of the contour of unloading of the carrier rocket case from aerodynamic loadings under the effect of wind is being continued. The product of the velocity head and the angles of attack and slip as well as lateral and normal speeds of the mass centre of the launcher at the end of the site of regulation by the angles of attack and slip are essentially improved.
Keywords: aerodynamic loadings, attack and sliding angles, unloading contour
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