Response of the authors to the commentary by G.V. Lizunov on our paper “Spatio-temporal dynamics of traveling ionospheric disturbances”

1Fedorenko, Yu.P
1V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Space Sci.&Technol. 2017, 23 ;(2):52-67
Publication Language: Russian
A detailed analysis of G. V. Lizunov’s remarks concerning our article "Spatio-temporal dynamics of travelling ionospheric disturbances" published in "Space Science and Technology".— 2016. — 22, No. 5 is presented. We show that the remarks are deeply mistaken. The key stages of experimental and theoretical studies, which allow us to propose the radically new approach to the simulation of the origination and propagation of travelling ionospheric disturbances (TID), are presented. We have proved theoretically and experimentally that acousticgravity waves (AGW) can propagate at ionospheric heights with velocities several times higher than the sound velocity. Relative TID amplitudes can often be in the range from 40 to 100 %.
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