Information of the Earth’s remote sensing in the system of the state governing: current status and perspectives

1Butko, IM, 1Mamarev, VM, 1Ozhynsky, VV, 1Kharchenko, SP
1National Center of Space Facilities Control and Test, Kyiv, Ukraine
Space Sci.&Technol. 2017, 23 ;(2):17-23
Publication Language: Ukrainian
Geographic information resources are an important component of informational support for managerial decisions. Under conditions of the absence of domestic remote sensing satellites, the institutional geographic information systems are provided with free and budget-purchased data. The state budget funds are being spent inefficiently under the absence of a legislative base, an adequate level of coordination and cooperation in the procurement of remote sensing data. With this aim we conducted and completed the work on collecting and systematizing the needs of 59 bodies of the Ukrainian state administrations in remote sensing data. According to the results of this work, we systemized and prepared the “joint application” for disposal of needs of public authorities. It was processed statistically and analyzed in terms of the following parameters: frequency of observations of defined areas, levels of data processing, surface areas and their approximate imaging costs. It was demonstrated that the optimization of user applications would provide execution of about 90% of thematic tasks requiring the relatively cost-free remote sensing data. We elaborated the proposals on regulation and procedure of filling the state GIS with remote sensing data, which are described briefly in this paper too.
Keywords: 'joint application' of state authorities, geographic information resources, remote sensing, thematic objectives classifier
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