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1Tkachenko AI. A geo-referencing of the terrestrial objects on the basis of coplanarity conditions. Space Sci. & Technol. 2018 ;24(6):24-29.
1Degtyarev AV. In the name of achieving a common goal. Role of Academician B. E. Paton, the President of the NAS of Ukraine, in the development of rocket and space technology. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(5):53-59.
1Selivanov Yu.A, 2Rapoport Yu.G, 1Cheremnykh OK. Ionospheric response to acoustic influence according to the data of DEMETER and Chibis-M microsatellites. Space Sci. & Technol. 2018 ;24(6):41-56.
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1Anatychuk LI. Memories of the first meeting with B.E. Paton. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(5):62-63.
1Mykhalchyshyn RV, 1Brezgin MS, 1Lomskyi DA. Methane, kerosene and hydrogen comparative as a rocket fuel for launch vehicle pneumohydraulic supply system development. Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2018 ;24(2):12-17.
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1Brykov V, 2Kovalenko E, 3Ivanytska B. MICROCOSM as a perspective model for biological experiment at nanosatellite. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(2):55-59.
Anon. "Mission - Cosmos". In Memory of Leonid Kadenyuk – the First Cosmonaut of Ukraine. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(1):76-85.
Anon. "Mission - the Cosmos". Presentation of the book by L. Kadenyuk. Space Science and Technology. 2018 ;24(4):74-78.