Tropospheric ozone columns and ozone profiles for Kyiv in 2007

1Shavrina, AV, 1Pavlenko, Ya.V, 1Veles', OA, 1Sheminova, VA, 1Syniavskyi, II, 1Sosonkin, MG, 1Romanyuk, Ya.O, 1Eremenko, NA, 1Ivanov, Yu.S, 1Monsar, OA, 2Kroon, M
1Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2Meteorological Institute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Netherlands
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2008, 14 ;(5):085-094
Publication Language: Russian
The ground-based FTIR observations were performed at the Main Astronomical Observatory of NASU within the framework of the ESA-NIVR-KNMI project 2907 entitled «ОМІ validation by ground based remote sensing: ozone columns and atmospheric profiles» for the purpose of ОМІ data validation. FTIR observations were carried out during August – October 2005, June – October 2006 and March – October 2007, mostly under cloud free and clear sky conditions and in some days from early morning to sunset covering a large range of solar zenith angles. Ozone column and ozone profile data were obtained for the year 2005 using spectral modeling of the ozone spectral band profile near 9.6 microns with the MODTRAN3 band model based on the HITRAN-96 molecular absorption database. The total ozone column values retrieved from FTIR observations are biased low with respect to OMI-DOAS data by 810 DU on average, where they have a relatively small standard error of about 2 %. FTIR observations for the year 2006 were simulated by MODTRAN4 modeling.
                For the retrieval of ozone column estimates and particularly ozone profiles from our FTIR observations, we used the following data sources as input files to construct the information for the model (a priori): satellite Aqua-AIRS water vapor and temperature profiles; Aura-MLS stratospheric ozone profiles (version 1.5), TEMIS [4] climato-logical ozone profiles and the simultaneously performed surface ozone measurements. Ozone total columns obtained from our FTIR observations for year 2006 with MODTRAN4 modeling are matching rather well with ОМІ-TOMS and OMI-DOAS data where standard errors are 0.68 % and 1.11 %, respectively. AURA-MLS data of version 2.2 which became available in 2007 allow us to retrieve tropospheric ozone profiles. For some days Aura-TES tropospheric profiles were also available and were compared with our retrieved profiles for validation. A preliminary analysis of troposphere ozone variability was performed. The observations from March to October demonstrate daily photochemical variability of tropospheric ozone and reveal mixing processes during the night.
Keywords: atmospheric profiles, ozone, validation
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