Morphologic structure and possible sources of the AGW generation in ionosphere

1Skorokhod, TV
1Space Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2011, 17 ;(2):61-67
Publication Language: Russian
Acoustic-gravity waves (AGW) in the thermosphere are investigated on the basis of observation data from the Dynamics Explorer 2 satellite. It is shown that the planetary AGW distribution consists of regular and sporadic components. A catalogue of AGW waveforms is compiled. Possible surface sources of the AGW generation, namely, tropical cyclones, rocket launchings and earthquakes are investigated. Our sta­tistical analysis reveals no correlation between the AGW gen­eration and tropical cyclones as well as rocket launchings, but it shows some possible relation between the AGW generation and earthquakes.
Keywords: acoustic-gravity waves, regular and sporadic components, sources generation
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