Features of calculation of temperature deformations of the optical payload from composite materials

1Kushnirenko, SI, 1Korennov, Yu.A
1Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine
Space Sci.&Technol. 2017, 23 ;(6):51-63
Section: Space Materials and Technologies
Publication Language: Russian
The paper describes the method of calculation of composite material structures temperature deformations. This method were developed and approved in SDO «Yuzhnoye». It is based on the applied using of ANSYS Workbench finite-element program for solution of temperature distribution and, linked with it, static tasks. This method give a possibility of considerably reduce the time of solution model preparation, without using into analysis each-layer modeling of composite materials. In this paper describes the method of temperature field’s distribution by the structure of optical payload of «Sich-2M» spacecraft too. It allows make transition and coupling between applied special programs of temperature regimes solution and solution of the structure deflected mode.