Materials and technologies of powder metallurgy in the components of missile and space engineering. Prospects of development

1Ilyushchanka, АPh., 2Kryvanos, AK, 3Baray, SG, 3Savich, VV
1State Research and Production Powder Metallurgy Association, Minsk, Belarus; State Scientific Institution «O. V. Roman Powder Metallurgy Institute», Minsk, Belarus
2State Research and Production Powder Metallurgy Association, Minsk, Belarus
3State Scientific Institution "Powder Metallurgy Institute", Minsk, Belarus
Space Sci. & Technol. 2020, 25 ;(4):21-30
Publication Language: English
The use of materials and technologies of powder metallurgy in the components of missile and space engineering is considered. The possibilities of these technologies are shown when producing composite materials, as well as products and coatings thereof through the example of radioabsorbing and radiotransparent materials.
            The methods for the synthesis of radioabsorbing materials based on ferrimagnetic materials (nickel-zinc ferrites (Ni00.58Zn00.36Mn0.06Co0.028Fe2O4) and hexagonal barium ferrite with W-phase (BaCo2Fe16O27), obtained by MAS and MASHS methods were worked out. Methods of producing high-temperature ceramic radioabsorbing materials using alumina as a dielectric matrix, and a resistive material containing the MAX-phases Ti2AlC and Ti3AlC2 and heat-resistant FeSiTiAl alloy as an electromagnetic pulse absorber were investigated.
             The production technique of a ceramic composite radiotransparent material based on high-alumina ceramics in the Al2O3-SiO2-TiO2 system is proposed. The specific technological features of the powder metallurgy method, ensuring the production of materials and products (coatings) for missile-space technology with the required properties, are given.
           The promising directions and main tasks for powder metallurgy in the field of producing energy-saturated heterogeneous composite materials are determined.
Keywords: ferrimagnetic materials, high-alumina ceramics, missile and space engineering, powder metallurgy, radioabsorbing and radiotransparent materials
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