Large-scale Rossby waves in the Antarctic stratosphere

1Agapitov, AV, 1Grytsai, AV, 1Salyuk, DA
1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2010, 16 ;(5):05-11
Publication Language: Ukrainian
Spring variations in the Antarctic total ozone content are analyzed basing on satellite observation data. Deviations of the total ozone content distribution from zonally-symmetrical one are explained as the impact of large-scale Rossby waves propagating at the lower stratosphere heights. We consider the waves with zonal numbers 1‒3 which play a leading part in the high-latitude stratosphere. It is shown that the observed pattern corresponds to the Rossby wave dispersion relation with allowance made for zonal wind velocity.
Keywords: Antarctic, ozone, Rossby waves
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