Construction of electron density profile from its geometrical parameters in simulating the F2-region and outer ionosphere

1Grinchenko, SV
1Institute of Ionosphere of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2010, 16 ;(5):38-45
Publication Language: Russian
We propose an algorithm for the construction of electron density profile with the use of its characteristics, namely, the main maximum height, the value of electron density in the layer F2 maximum, upper and lower semi-thickness, the value of electron density and scale of heights at 1000 km. The existing expressions for the description of altitudinal electron density profile are reviewed. Some advantages of our algorithm for the construction of electron density profile are shown. Our results of profile numerical calculations for some variations of profile characteristics are given. Our algorithm is used to solve the concrete problem of theoretical simulation of the ionosphere F2-region.
Keywords: algorithm, electron density, ionosphere
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