Using signals of satellite radio navigation systems for comparison of time scales

1Sydorenko, HS, 2Solovyov, VS, 1Tkachuk, AA, 1Kleyman, OS
1National Scientific Centre «Institute of Metrology», Kharkiv, Ukraine
2National Scientific Centre «Institute of Metrology», Kharkiv
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2001, 7 ;(4):077-082
Publication Language: Ukrainian
The results of using the signals of satellite radio navigation systems GPS and GLONASS for comparison of the Ukraine national time scale with International scale of Universal Time and the Russian national time scale are given. It is shown that the method of time scale comparison ensured rather small value of random composite measurement error when the available GPS & GLONASS receivers are used. However this method may have the systematic error depended on many factors.
Keywords: GLONASS, radio navigation systems, time scale
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