Time scales high-precision synchronization for use of pseudoranges double differential correction in users apparatus of GPS

1Makarenko, BI, 2Naumova, EE
1Public Joint Stock Company «Research Institute of Radio Measurements», Kharkiv, Ukraine
2Metrological Centre military standards of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2001, 7 ;(4):094-100
Publication Language: Russian
The problem of a comparison of users time scales with a system time scale of GPS and problem of a comparison of time scales two spatially of diverse users is considered. The double differential correction of pseudoranges based on measuring information processing in a radioelectronic complex from four regional control stations is offered. Full and residual errors of pseudoranges measurement are analysed by the simulation modeling method of a radio electronic complex of control stations located in Ukraine. Full, potential and resultant errors of time scales comparison without application and with allowance for applications of pseudoranges double differential correction are analysed by the simulation modeling method of fixed user coordinate-time providing.
Keywords: coordinate-time providing, GPS, time scale
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