Undersatellite authentication and interpretation of the data of space surveys of a sea surface

1Andrianova, OR, 1Batyrev, AA, 1Skipa, MI, 1Sriberko, AV
1Department of hydroacoustics of the Marine hydrophysical institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Odesa, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2004, 10 ;(4):092-095
Publication Language: Russian
Results of the adaptation of the satellite data to the real conditions of the sea environment are received on the example of the northwest part of the Black sea. Statistical estimations of the correlation between the satellite data and contact measurements of the water temperature allow to establish correlation and regression dependences (correlation is 0.75). It is marked, that the designed equations can be used in practice for creation of the system for the remote control of the waters condition.
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