On partial stabilization of satellite orientation by means of two control torques

Zuyev, AL
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2001, 7 ;(Supplement1):076-081
Publication Language: Russian
The problem of stabilization with respect to a part of the variables for the system of ordinary differential equations of Euler – Poisson type describing the motion of a satellite around its center of masse is investigated. Two cases are considered. In the first case the control is implemented by jet engines of orientation. In the second case the control is implemented with a help of a pair of flywheels. The theorem on partial stabilization is proved, which allows to design a feedback control by means of Lyapunov function of the open-loop system. The explicit expression of a feedback law solving the problem of single-axis stabilization is obtained with a help of the above theorem. The numerical simulation of motion is carried out for a satellite subjected to the proposed feedback law.