Possibilities of multiparameter helioprognozy the effectiveness of therapeutic and preventive activities

1Sorokin, AF, 2Sorokin, AA, 1Tsyukh, AM, 3Vlasenko, VP
1National Center of Space Facilities Control and Test of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Yevpatoria, AR Crimea, Ukraine
2V.I. Vernadsky Taurian National University, Simferopol, Ukraine
3National Center of Space Facilities Control and Test, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2002, 8 ;(Supplement2):452-459
Publication Language: Russian
The possibilities of helioprognozy the effectiveness of therapeutic and preventive activities are considered. The principles of building new forecasting models using information about solar surges, solar wind, number of solar proton events, etc. The application of new mathematical methods for processing and analyzing the database of medstatistics with the results of solar activity measurement is considered. 

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