Use of high-frequency magnetic amplifiers in power supplies for space equipment

1Yaskiv, VI
1I.Pul'uj Ternopil State Technical University, Ternopil, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2002, 8 ;(Supplement2):331-337
Publication Language: Russian
The basic principles for the construction of sources and systems of secondary power supply for onboard and ground equipment for space purposes are proposed, based on the use of new high-frequency amorphous alloys with a rectangular hysteresis loop. The principle of operation of pulse controllers based on magnetic keys is disclosed. A comparative analysis with transistor counterparts has been carried out. The possibility of creating multi-channel power sources with equivalent and independent output channels is shown, the idea of implementing the structure of an on-board power supply system using high-frequency on-board network and the use of pulse controllers based on magnetic switches is developed. The main technical parameters of the developed power sources are given.

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